Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo welcomes Tahu the otter as its new mayor

North American river otter Tahu is the newly inaugurated mayor of Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo.
The zoo swore her in on Tuesday morning during an inaugural ceremony.
Tahu is not only taking on a new role as mayor, but she's also a new mother to four pups.
"Just old enough to have pups and so we're really excited about this,” said Gregg Dancho, director of Beardsley Zoo.
The election was a tight one, according to Dancho. He says it was neck to neck with their box turtle.
"Voted in by the narrowest of margins, I think it was to 11 votes," said Dancho.
There were five candidates, but the 3-year-old river otter was best suited for the job.
"We're thrilled to have Tahu serve as the mayor of the zoo,” said Charles Dumais,  president of the Connecticut Zoological Society. “She follows a number of past mayors who have done amazing things for the zoo and we're looking forward to what she can do."
Tahu will serve a one-year term, as is tradition with the zoo’s mayors.