Connecticut's tax free week underway

Just in time for back to school, most clothing and footwear under $100 are exempt from the usual 6.35% sales tax.

Tom Krosnowski and Rose Shannon

Aug 20, 2023, 4:47 PM

Updated 273 days ago


It’s often said there are only two constants in life - death, and taxes. In Connecticut, that includes sales tax.
“It’s awful, it’s terrible!” Norwalk native Kristin Butler said. “No one wants it."
Local shoppers can rejoice this week: The state’s 23rd sales tax holiday started Sunday and runs through Saturday.
“I did not know about that,” Butler said. “That’s very exciting. I definitely think I’ll be buying more now."
The usual 6.35% sales tax is waived on most clothing and footwear items under $100.
Items like sports equipment, jewelry and some accessories will still be taxed. Shoppers, however, can apply coupons or sales to lower the item prices below $100 - and the promotion applies to online orders, too.
“It’s very important for the families in southwestern Connecticut to make sure that they get that little bonus as we get to the back-to-school season,” SoNo Collection senior general manager Matt Seebeck said. “It is the most in-demand portion of the year."
Tax-free week is certainly a popular time to gear up for back to school from head to toe.
“(I want) shoes - purple and blue,” first grader Taylor said. “Cotton candy color, or something."
“I got a pink shirt to match my Nike shoes,” sixth grader Amaya said.
“(I want) pastel high-tops,” fourth grader Jane said.
“I got a pair of cargo pants, and jeans,” sixth grader Freya said.
Keeping things cool for school - and light on your wallet.
For a full list of eligible items, click here.

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