Construction worker finds 2 nooses at Stamford site

A construction worker claims he found a noose hanging at his Stamford worksite not once, but twice.
Taron Huckabee took a picture of the noose he says he found hanging last week from his workspace at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Huckabee says he was stunned to see another one.
"You couldn't miss the second one," Huckabee says. "It was hanging there for everyone to see as soon as you walk up the ladder. It's right there in your face."
The steelworker claims he immediately notified his supervisors in both instances, but Stamford Police confirmed they had no knowledge of either incident until Monday.
Turner Construction managers admit a foreman was told about the nooses, but apparently did not contact authorities. The company would not comment about racial slurs News 12 Connecticut found written in the bathrooms at the site.
The NAACP planned to address the issue Monday at a news conference at the worksite, located at 600 Washington Blvd.