Councilman: 112 sex offenders in public housing

More than 100 dangerous sex offenders illegally live in public housing for low-income residents, according to a report released Sunday at City Hall.
Councilman Eric Gioia says 112 child molesters and rapists are reaping the benefits of housing subsidies while millions of law-abiding New Yorkers struggle to find affordable housing. The claim is the result of the councilman's latest study on the issue.
Gioia wants the New York City Housing Authority to investigate his findings, evict offenders and ensure that other offenders don't move into public housing in the future. He's also demanding NYCHA create a program that red-flags offenders who apply for the housing.
Federal law prohibits such offenders from living in public housing, which often places them near children and women. In the Bronx, 26 offenders live in the housing.