CT DOT highlighting National Passenger Safety Week

This week, the Connecticut Department of Transportation is recognizing National Passenger Safety Week.
It's an effort to empower passengers to stop drivers from getting behind the wheel when they are impaired or distracted. Along with stopping them from speeding or driving recklessly.
"They can be safety advocates, so if they get into a car and a driver is speeding or texting while driving we are encouraging them to speak up. Let that driver know hey what you're doing is unsafe for you for me for everyone else on the roadway to really help improve safety," says Josh Morgan, CT DOT communications manager.
In 2021, almost 300 people were killed in crashes.
The majority of them involved speeding, following by being impaired by alcohol and distracted driving.
While it can feel like an uneasy situation to approach a driver, Morgan says people should feel empowered to speak up.
He says all it takes is to say one simple sentence.
"You are making me feel unsafe what you are doing is dangerous," says Morgan.