CT ex-convict says his past is still holding him back financially, 10+ years later

A Stamford man released from prison in 2007 says that conviction is keeping him out of the job market, 14 years later.
Daryl Gary says for the past year, he's been collecting scrap metal and doing odd jobs to make money for food.
"Some days I clear just enough for dinner," Gary said. "To be honest, some nights I sleep inside the U-Haul truck."
Gary is a convicted felon who spent two years in prison for dealing drugs. He says he got out in 2007 and has been working ever since.
"I got out of incarceration and immediately I had good jobs. Well paying, decent jobs," he said.
Gary's run of bad luck started when his job at Uniqlo ended at the start of the pandemic. He says he's applied for 35 jobs, only to find his 16-year-old conviction is still holding him back.
"I got to the second interview, and everything went well, and then they did the background check and they said, 'We cannot hire you,'" he said.
Bridgeport-based Career Resourcesoffers placement as well as job readiness training. They say the challenges faced by those with felony convictions can seem overwhelming.
"Our agency helps people who have just been released from prison as well as people who have been out for decades," said Rob Hebert, senior vice president of re-entry affairs at Career Resources.
Gary says returning citizens have a lot to offer - if they're given the chance.
News 12 put Gary in touch with Career Resources and Entry Point Staffing -- they're already setting up an employment.