CT PPE Drive donates 300 gowns to Stamford Hospital

With COVID-19 hospitalizations under 100 patients statewide, one local group says now is the time to get hospitals the equipment they need for a potential second wave in the fall.
The co-founder of CT PPE Drive, Charlotte Poth, says there is a massive need for hospital workers to have gowns.
The group donated 300 gowns to Stamford Hospital Tuesday.
Poth says she spoke with public health advocates and medical students across the state and soon had 30 people helping her with CT PPE Drive.
The group has donated 6,000 masks across the state and in New York City, but they noticed hospitals kept asking for sterile level two gowns.
At the height of the coronavirus, Poth says Stamford Hospital went through 2,400 gowns a day and 5,000 N95 masks a day.
She says hospitals are still reeling from months and months of low personal protection equipment.
Poth called groups across the country to see if similar organizations could donate. A group called Donate PPE in California was able to donate 800 level two hospital gowns.
Five hundred went to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn and 300 of them went to Stamford Hospital.
Stamford Hospital released a statement saying in part, "Every donation from the community helps Stamford Health during these challenging times. The support of the communities we serve is having a profound impact. Our caregivers know the community has them in their hearts."