Darien neighbors, Eversource confer on tree removal plan

Neighbors in Darien told News 12 that they were able to get representatives from Eversource to reconsider cutting down some trees that were part of an effort to keep a major powerline safe during storms.
The utility says it needs to cut down about 50 trees on Little Brook Road – a plan that some neighbors believe is overreaching. They are worried that they will have less of a barrier from train tracks and less shade on their properties.
On Tuesday, they walked with Eversource representatives to discuss the removal plan. The utility says it will replant the area with shrubs that won’t grow too tall.
First Selectman Jayme Stevenson told News 12 that there will be a public hearing before any trees are removed. 
The Eversource plan ranges from Greenwich to Fairfield with the goal of protecting power lines during major storms. It sent News 12 a statement:
“Transmission rights of way contain high-voltage lines that deliver energy from generation plants to substations. The higher voltage and critical importance of their reliability require greater clearances from vegetation – up to 100 feet from our structures located within a right of way. This is because an outage to a transmission line could cause thousands of our customers to lose power.
The requirements for clearance along our distribution lines are not as extensive as for our transmission rights of way. Distribution lines are typically found along roads and highways that carry power to our customer’s homes and businesses. These lines operate at a lower voltage than transmission lines and do not require as extensive clearances. Eversource may obtain greater clearances on backbone distribution lines coming out of the substations or feeding critical infrastructures, like hospitals.”