Darien residents scared, angry over creek flooding

Residents of Darien living near Stony Brook Creek are fed up with what they call a lack of help from city hall after the area?s recent flooding.Residents still reeling from nor?easter damage are at risk if the creek swells and floods from Friday?s rainfall. The region is expecting more than two inches of rain. Complaints are being registered by residents about everything from furniture damage to health dangers. Some residents say they have been forced to move out of their homes. One family in the community says it's scared about the air it's breathing after seeing the results from a mold kit. A pregnant woman says she moved out due to the fear of what breathing the mold could be doing to her unborn child.First Selectwoman Evonne Klein accompanied Federal Emergency Management Agency officials when they investigated the nor?easter damage earlier this week. Klein says that town officials are waiting to hear about federal help, but they are also working on policies to help flood prone areas. She warns that it could take some time to hear an answer and help from the town could never solve an issue like flooding.