Deep Dive: Meat prices up 4.1%; fruit and vegetables see lower costs

Prices are continuing to fluctuate at the grocery store where meat costs are up, but fruit and vegetable prices are down.
Caleb Silver with Investopedia tracked the cost on some big budget items.
Silver says for the month of February unleaded gas was up 4.4% from January, meats, poultry and fish up 4.1%, dairy items up 2.8% and cereal up 2.2%.
Silver says although a lot of items are costing more, we are finally seeing some costs going down around our homes.
Household furnishings are down about 5.4%, fruits and veggies are down 3.4%, and new and used vehicles fell 1.7% in a month. Silver says it's a nice change of pace because prices have been rising for new and used vehicles every month for the past 18 months.