Doctor says it's not too late to get flu shot

It’s the middle of flu season, and doctors say it's only going to get worse.
Dr. Aniqa Anwar says there's been an increase of patients walking into the Center for Advanced Pediatrics with the flu or flu-like symptoms since before Christmas.         
She's urging everyone to get the flu shot.      
"The flu shot, like all other vaccines, obviously are not 100%, but it really does mitigate your symptoms and lessens the severity of the illness,” she says.
Flu season starts around October and lasts until about April. Nationwide, the pediatric flu death numbers are increasing.
"As of last week, there was 22 pediatric deaths, which is double the amount of last year already. And we are just getting into the depths of like flu season,” says Anwar.          
There have been no pediatric deaths in Connecticut so far this year.
The state Health Department says there are far fewer deaths so far this year than the past two.
Dr. Anwar says those who are healthy should still get the flu shot. She says it's all about herd immunity.

She also suggests to constantly wash hands and to sneeze and cough into an elbow.