Doctors: Respiratory virus season could be as bad as last year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts the upcoming respiratory virus season could be as bad as last year.
Doctors say virus rates could reach higher levels than they have seen before and hospitals could reach full capacity.
The CDC predicts COVID-19 will likely account for half of new hospitalizations, with flu and RSV combined accounting for the other half.
Infectious disease doctors say if you plan to get vaccinated, don't wait.
"It takes two weeks for any of these vaccines to really become effective in our bodies. It doesn't happen overnight," says Dr. Kristin Englund, an infectious disease specialist.
While pharmacies and doctor's offices have appointments for COVID and flu shots, RSV vaccines are in short supply. That shot is designated for babies under six months and seniors at risk of severe illness. There is also a version of the vaccine for pregnant women.
Doctors recommend if you do get sick, it's best to test.
"Not only for COVID, but also for influenza. Remember we've got medications we can use to treat both of these viruses if caught early," says Dr. Englund.
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