Doctors say new postpartum depression pill could be a game changer

Doctors say a new pill to treat postpartum depression could be a game changer.
They say it starts working much quicker than many anti-depressants.
The Food and Drug Administration has just approved Zurzuvae, the first postpartum depression pill. Doctors say it's taken every day for 14 days. Before this, postpartum depression was only treated through injection.
"This new medication can actually start working after a dose or two of what these studies tell us," said Dr. Daniel Gottschall, chairman of the OBGYN Department at Saint Vincent's Medical Center.
Gottschall says between 10-20% of all women can suffer from postpartum blues.
"And it could lead to escalation of even them wanting to harm themselves or others, including the baby, so it's something we need to take very seriously," said Gottschall.
"Postpartum depression was honestly never really on my radar," said Liz Maselli, from Fairfield, who is part of the leadership team at Saint Vincent's Medical Center.
Maselli says she had a complicated delivery.
She never had postpartum depression, but she lost a good friend six years ago who took her own life because of it.
"And that's when it was almost like a light bulb went off. This is real. It's an issue. Anyone can get it," said Maselli.
Maselli and her 10-month-old boy Donnie are happy and healthy.
She says she learned a lot about postpartum depression and wishes she could have done more for her friend.
She offers this advice:
"How to check in on your friends and make sure you ask for help when they need it," she says.
The drug is expected to be available by the end of the year.