Domestic Violence Crisis Center offers bystander intervention training in New Canaan

Some residents in New Canaan learned what to do if they witness domestic violence or suspect someone is experiencing it.
The Domestic Violence Crisis Center paid a visit to First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan to teach bystander intervention training.
The center is hosting and collaborating with several community partners across seven towns regarding Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
"Today's bystander intervention training is to support individuals who want to help people in their community," Domestic Violence Crisis Center Executive Director Suzanne Adam says.
Tactics include challenging someone's behavior, derailing the incident, getting an authority figure to intervene during an incident, and documenting the incident.
"You can see something at the train station, you can see something at school, you can see something with a colleague at work, you can see something with a friend or family member," Adam says.
New Canaan CARES and the New Canaan Abuse Prevention Partnership were also at the church to assist in training with around 15 community members taking part.