'Don't forget my sister.' Vigil held for late Bridgeport woman as family seeks answers in her death

A vigil was held Sunday for the Bridgeport woman whose family says officials failed to properly notify them of her death last December.
The family of 53-year-old Brenda Lee Rawls came together in memory of her.
"I love my sister but I try not to think about her because when I do think about her I can't control my tears and my emotions," said Angela Martin.
Her sisters said they don't want police or the public to forget about what they endured.
That incident and similar complaints about the unrelated fatality of Lauren Smith Fields triggered official probes into the deaths.
News 12 Connecticut's Frank Recchia put the cases on the spotlight when he broke the stories.
"It's a lot going on -- COVID, the war in Ukraine, other shootings, there's a lot of shootings going on, mass shootings, and we want to do this to make sure people don't forget -- don't forget my sister, Brenda Lee Rawls," said Dorothy Washington.
"The day she died, we still have the same questions pending and we're still waiting on answers for those and we just want to remember her. She was a very beautiful happy person," said Rev. Deirdre Owen.
Both deaths resulted in protests and national media attention.
Rawls' family said they still don't have the answers they want in their loved one's death.