Medical examiner: Brenda Lee Rawls' cause of death certified as cardiovascular disease

A medical examiner has determined the cause and manner of death of Brenda Lee Rawls as cardiovascular disease, contributing from diabetes.
Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center received a call on Dec. 12 regarding an untimely death. Bridgeport police took over the investigation. A toxicology report came back negative on Jan. 31.
There has been growing controversy surrounding Bridgeport police's handling of Rawls' death. Rawls' sister Dorothy Washington told News 12 back in December that her sister was found dead at a friend's house. After that, she said police failed to notify her family and look into whether foul play was involved.
Washington said for two months, the department failed to speak about the case to her and her family, and the lack of communication reflects a dismissive attitude.
"I really think they need cultural competency training, sensitivity training, racial training. It is really hard and it's painful," Washington said.
In a Twitter video, acting Police Chief Rebecca Garcia offered her condolences.
"I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the friends and family of Miss Rawls. We recognize that waiting for the results of a death of a loved one can be agonizing," she said.
Rawls' family joined the family of Lauren Smith-Fields', who was found dead in the company of a man she met on a dating app, to voice concerns over Bridgeport police's handling over the investigations. While Smith-Fields' death was determined to be an overdose, both families say they had similar experiences with the Bridgeport police and they have been speaking out about their frustrations.
Rawls' sister says she wants to have an independent autopsy.
Police say they will close the case once they officially get the documents from the medical examiner.