Drought fears prompt water conservation push

Officials in some areas of southwestern Connecticut are asking local residents to conserve water due to fears of drought conditions.
Aquarion Water Company officials say local reservoirs are nearly 50 percent below normal levels. Aquarion says reservoirs in the Norwalk area are at almost 70 percent capacity, but supplies in the Greenwich/Stamford area have the company worried.
According to David Medd of Aquarion, one Greenwich reservoir is at 35 percent capacity.
?When we hit 28 percent capacity, the next trigger point for the drought plan would kick in. At that point, we would ask for mandatory restrictions,? Medd says.
Greenwich is asking residents to voluntarily limit their outdoor water usage, specifically lawn irrigation.
The fire department says it is also monitoring the water supply for fighting fires.
Officials in Greenwich say the only thing that would significantly increase the water levels is a nor'easter or a tropical storm.