Easton undertakes cemetery search ahead of renovations

Easton must complete a unique search for unmarked graves before the restoration of four historic cemeteries can move forward. The town has approved more than $15,000 to restore four of its oldest cemeteries. The Center Street cemetery, located along Black Rock Turnpike, had basically been abandoned until the town took over the property several years ago. The people buried there are some of the earliest settlers in southwestern Connecticut. Because of its historic value, Easton officials want to renovate some of the older gravestones. However, Town Clerk Derek Buckley says they first have to figure out how many people are actually buried in the cemetery. He says they plan to use ground-penetrating radar to search for unmarked graves. Buckley says the town does have a list of names. However, as many as 25 percent of the people who are supposed to be buried in the Center Street Cemetery either can't be found or are buried in the wrong location. Town officials have not set a date to begin work, but they hope to have more information by early April.