Education Ambassador: Fairfield County Lifestyle co-founder Sherri Bartley Rivera

Sherri Bartley Rivera is co-founder of Fairfield County Lifestyle, a social media platform that features and connects female entrepreneurs and focuses on wellness.
A proud graduate of UConn with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science, she has a passion for business and a keen interest in the people that make businesses succeed.  She is VP of Sales at Bartley Manufacturing Co, a third-generation family business located in Waterbury, Connecticut.  Also, she has a deep appreciation for the arts, music, good food (she makes a mean chocolate chip cookie her niece will attest to!), fitness and nature.
Sherri has appeared in national and regional commercials on TV and print.  She resides in Fairfield, Connecticut with her husband Greg and three children, JR, Dean and Anastasia.
Feb. 8 - CT Education Ambassador Sherri Bartley Rivera talks about the new semester at her children's schools.
Dec. 16 - Sherri interviews Fairfield Warde High School headmaster Paul Cavanna.
Nov. 20 - Sherri talks about how her kids like the hybrid learning and how it's better to be in school.
Nov. 14 - Sherri talks about a dish that her daughter made in cooking class. She also talks about the uptick in positive cases in Fairfield.
Nov. 2 - Sherri talks about applying for colleges with her son. And she discusses her children's Halloween plans - small gatherings as COVID cases rise. She also talks about keeping her children on hybrid learning.
Oct. 27 - Sherri talks about how her children continue to handle hybrid learning, as well as how they are continuing their spots and dance activities.
Oct. 17 - Sherri talks about how picture day went at her daughter's school.
Oct. 10 - Sherri discusses the last week of school for her three children.
Sept. 26 - Sherri talks about the past week at school for children.
Sept. 18 - Sherri talks about this past week of school with 3 kids and how all of them are adjusting to either online learning or a hybrid schedule.
Sept. 18 - Sherri talks about her children at UConn doing virtual learning, and Fairfield Warde High School and their first week.