Elected officials want cheaper options for commuters

The MTA fare hike that many commuters have been dreading went into effect Sunday, and elected officials are not happy with the new prices.
While many prices have increased, those who take the bus or train every day will be hit the hardest. The $2 and $5 base bus fare and base express bus fare will remain the same. However, the one-day fun pass will now cost $7.50.
The big jumps are in the weekly and monthly MetroCard prices, which will now cost $25 and $81, respectively.
Some elected officials say that the price increases are putting too much of a dent in the pockets of commuters. They are calling for a commuter-friendly five-day MetroCard that would appeal to commuters who don?t use the subway on the weekends. Officials say that due to the price hikes, MetroCards are no longer cost effective.
According to elected officials, the MTA has led riders to believe that unlimited MetroCards are cheaper, but they say it is actually more cost effective to pay per ride.