EXCLUSIVE: Family members demand justice after fatal Stamford hit-and-run

Police say it could be weeks before suspect Michael Talbot is charged.

Mark Sudol

Dec 7, 2022, 10:43 PM

Updated 554 days ago


Family members are demanding justice after losing loved ones in a fatal hit-and-run in Stamford.
Police say it could be weeks before suspect Michael Talbot is charged.
Maria Garrido told News 12 Connecticut Wednesday in an exclusive interview that she is enraged that the suspect accused of killing the father of her two boys has still not been charged.
"He took two people, two innocent people who just got out of work and they were just trying to make it home," said Garrido.
Giovani Vega Benis from Stamford and Yuliana Arias Lozano from Colombia worked together at Cantina Mexicana in Stamford. Police say a Mercedes hit and killed them while they were in the Washington Boulevard crosswalk early Saturday morning coming home from work.
Police say Talbot fled the scene and was later found hiding behind a dumpster.
"All I think about is like how can he be home? Why isn't he in jail?" said Garrido.
Police say they have to build their case before any arrest is made.
"I feel like it's all a nightmare, and I wake up and you know I wish it wasn't true," said Garrido.
Garrido says Benis loved soccer but loved his two twin boys more than anything. Nicholas and Chabani just turned 6.
"They're full of energy just like their dad," said Garrido.
The boys are heartbroken after what happened to their father, who was there when the boys were born. Today he was supposed to pick them up at school and take them to the mall.
"He literally gave me the best thing in life, which is my kids," said Garrido.
Family members are still making funeral arrangements.
Police suspect that speed may have been a factor in the fatal hit-and-run. They say the bodies were thrown a distance.
News 12 Connecticut reached out to Michael Talbot's attorney multiple times for comment but has not heard back.
Police told News 12 Connecticut again Wednesday they have no further updates in the case.

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