Explore eastern Connecticut's Shetucket River Water Trail

Eastern Connecticut is home to a part of the last green valley, the Shetucket River Water Trail in Norwich.
The Shetucket River Water Trail is a 22-mile scenic river that is part of a national heritage corridor.
The water trail features waterfalls and abandoned dams.
Three or four rivers come together in the Shetucket River Water Trail, including the Yantic, Shetucket and the Thames.
Naturalist Mark Fowler from Garce Farms Foundation says the area is one of the last wild areas between Boston and Washington, D.C.
The Shetucket Falls waterfall is a well-known stopping point along the trail located in a post-industrial town that is being reclaimed by nature.
Another point in the trail is the Greenville dam and Uncas Leap at Yantic Falls.
Yantic Falls is made up of very two waterfalls, and the Yantic river flows down into a chasm.
The area is one of the traditional sacred places where the Mohegan Native Americans camped.
There is also an area within the trail where the Mohegan tribe went to battle with the Narragansetts.
Uncas Leap Heritage Trail is about 2 miles, Fowler says.