Fairfield cop hailed as hero for saving suicidal teen

A Fairfield police officer is being called a hero for stopping a Bridgeport teen from ending her life on train tracks last week.Fairfield police officer James Pauciello was on patrol on King's Highway when he spotted a girl walking on the wooden planks. He thought the 13-year-old may have just been taking a short cut until he got out of his car and approached her. Pauciello says in less than a minute he looked up and saw a train coming right at them. He says he took her by the arms and pushed her off to the side. Pauciello says when they got to his car she told him she had no reason to live. The girl was taken to the hospital for psychiatric tests.He says he is grateful he was able to save the girl?s life and hopes one day she will be grateful for that as well. This is the second time Pauciello has saved someone's life. Earlier in his career, he pulled a man to safety after he attempted to jump off a bridge.