Fairfield Fire Dept. hosts mobile vaccine vans this weekend

The Fairfield Fire Department is providing more opportunities for residents to get vaccinated this weekend.
Griffin Health’s mobile vaccine van will be at the Reef Road Fire Station Saturday.
It will be at the Jennings Road Station on Sunday.
All three vaccines will be available along with booster doses for those who qualify.
Appointments are not necessary.
Town officials say it’s important for the to provide as many opportunities for people to get the vaccine as they can.
Fairfield Director of Health Sands Clearly says they want to have the vaccine centers publicly available near busy roads where people are driving down.
“We want the people to see the clinic and get out there,” Clearly says. “Maybe that will be just enough to prompt to take, to get the vaccination this time.”
Both clinics run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.