Fairfield liquor stores team up with town to prevent underage drinking this holiday season

Fairfield package stores are teaming up with the town this holiday season to reduce underage drinking.
In Higher Spirits in Fairfield is one of 18 stores participating in Fairfield CARES Community Coalition's Let's Mention Prevention program.
Owner Joel Lall says he and his staff are conscious about making sure no underage sales take place in his store. Lall adds he also wants to make sure kids don't partake in underage drinking at home either. 
Before customers check out at the register, Lall slides a card in their bag detailing the risks of underage drinking.
He says they are also giving out liquor locks too-- an adhesive strip of tape that goes over the cap of an alcoholic bottle and indicates if it has been tampered with.
Package stores in town are promoting the campaign through January.
Fairfield CARES Program Director Cathy Hazlett says 15% of seventh through 12th graders surveyed in town this year admitted to drinking alcohol.
While Hazlett says that number is down from 38% in 2008 when the surveys started, she says more work needs to be done.
This is the second year the coalition has partnered with the package stores for the campaign.