Fairfield 'Mombies' gaining national attention

A group of Fairfield moms found a way to have fun and help others.
The Fairfield Mombies are ordinary moms dressed as zombies doing flash mob dances in October.
"I started Mombies back in 2016," said Fairfield Mombies organizer Terry Davis.
Davis says she got 35 moms to join that year.
That number has grown by leaps and bounds.
"Many of them have dealt with some hardship and many of them have dealt with cancer," said Davis.
They do it not only for the fun but to raise money for metastatic breast cancer research.
"We have one mom going through it right now. We have a few others that have gone through it so it's a good support system," said Fairfield Mombie Rosina Negron.
The Mombies have gained national attention for their carefully choreographed moves and costumes.
They are attracting crowds of fans, and women who are going through cancer.
"We tell people we hope it made you smile, we hope we encourage other people to come together," said Davis.
The Mombies have currently raised over a $170,000.
More and more people around the country say they want to try it, too.
The Fairfield Mombies are performing at the Fairfield Theater Company next Friday.
For more information contact mombies.org