Fairfield officials urge residents to be prepared in case of flooding, power outages as nor'easter moves in

Fairfield officials say the nor'easter will likely cause some inland flooding and possible power outages depending on how strong the winds become.

Mar 13, 2023, 4:57 PM

Updated 443 days ago


Fairfield Fire Chief Denis McCarthy says the rain may cause some minor coastal flooding during the nor'easter tonight.
The town will likely see some inland flooding too, McCarthy says.
"For coastal residents, if the flooding around high tide is expected to be higher than normal, move cars to higher ground. Driving through that will be dangerous, so we encourage residents to not drive through standing water." McCarthy says.
Should residents lose power for an extended period of time, McCarthy says it's important to be prepared and put together an emergency kit.
"Recharge your phone. Make sure you have batteries for your flashlight. Food that won't require cooking if you have an electric stove," McCarthy says.
McCarthy stresses to call 911 in an emergency but to contact your utility company to report a power outage.
The town has an emergency alert system through Everbridge.
Click here for more information about the town of Fairfield emergency alert system. 

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