Fairfield professor publishes book detailing experiences with leukemia

A Fairfield University journalism professor is telling his own story in a new book that looks into his experience as a teenage cancer survivor.
Professor Matt Tullis talks about his life with leukemia, which he was diagnosed with at 15, and his journey into adulthood afterward in the memoir "Running with Ghosts."
Tullis details the two years and three months that he went through chemotherapy and how it changed who he was, leaving him feeling lost.
He says that he hopes the book helps parents understand that their children will be different while battling against cancer and treatment, and that they should embrace that.
Running has been a cornerstone of Tullis' recovery, and this past weekend he participated in the Akron Marathon, a race near the hospital where he was once a patient.
Tullis participated in the race surrounded by memories from his battle, including his sneakers bearing the words "ghost runner," and in the final yards of the marathon, the area children's hospital is visible.
"Running with Ghosts" is available on Amazon, and Tullis hopes to have it sold in local stores soon.