Fairfield Public Schools lay out plan to bring students back full-time

The Fairfield Board of Education is laying out its plans to get students and staff back into the classroom full time.
Officials say that this could be the first step back to normalcy for the students. The Fairfield Health Department assured school officials that the plan is safe for all involved.
“We’ve seen about six weeks of decreases in every major variable. Hospitalizations, daily cases – have all been trending downward,” says Fairfield Health Director Sands Cleary.
The department also says that they haven’t seen any significant transmission in schools from the current hybrid and cohort program.
“Full return means full day. All students, all day,” says Fairfield School Superintendent Michael Cummings.
Cummings says that the plan includes strict adherence to mask wearing, at least three feet of social distancing and strict adherence to state travel protocols. Anyone who feels sick must stay home.
“Our health guidance now allows 3-foot distancing for students during the day and this does include lunch,” Cummings says.
K-12 students will sit in alternating seats for lunch, with trifold barriers used to separate them when they are eating and drinking. Remote learning will still be an option, but hybrid learning will not. There will also be a short-term learning plan if a student or staff is in quarantine.
The school district will be having a clinic on March 1 where over 1,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be given to teachers in the area.
PreK-5 grade students will return to full-day classes on March 8. Sixth-12 grade will return one day alter on March 9.