Fairfield woman to honor her parents by taking part in Swim Across the Sound

A Fairfield woman is set to take part in the 36th annual Swim Across the Sound in Bridgeport Saturday to help keep her parents' memory alive.
Jenny Goldstein lost her mom two years ago to dementia, and her dad died from cancer.
Goldstein's dad was an engineer but when he wasn't working, he loved to swim.
"He was a lifeguard," says Goldstein. "Swam at local camps."
She has been swimming recreationally since she was 20 and loves it.
"I've done a couple of triathlons," says Goldstein.
The 15.5-mile swim across the Long Island Sound will honor her parents and their love for the water.
"My mom, some of her earliest memories were spent on the shores of Long Island. So, Long Island has a special significance for our family."
Goldstein is the team captain and one of her teammates is a cancer survivor.
"The energy, the power, the emotion, the stories. It's really a very special event. And I'm very honored to be a part of it."
Money raised from the swim will support cancer patients at the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute.
Goldstein anticipates the swim will take her six to nine hours.a