Family: New photo shows defensive wounds in Anguilla hotel attack

An image of a Darien man allegedly injured while fighting off an Angullian hotel worker while on vacation with his family has been released.
A spokesperson for the family of Scott Hapgood released the picture Thursday. The family claims that the photo shows defensive wounds sustained during a struggle with hotel maintenance worker Kenny Michel on April 13.
Michel later died of his injuries, and Hapgood was charged with manslaughter.
A spokesperson for the family says neither Hapgood nor any member of the family made any calls to the front desk of the hotel for a maintenance request to their room. The spokesperson says Michel arrived at the family's hotel room door minutes after the Hapgood's young daughters walked back to their hotel room on their own.
According to Hapgood, Michel knocked on the door and told him he was there to fix a broken sink. Hapgood says he let Michel inside of the room to look at the sink even though he told him it was not broken. Once Michel was inside the room, the family spokesperson says the worker attacked Hapgood.
Hapgood was bitten multiple times, including on his face, according to the spokesperson.
Michel was eventually restrained by a security guard while Hapgood was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries.
Michel later died of his injuries. 
According to the press release, Michel is described as being armed, but the weapon he was armed with is never mentioned.
Hapgood was arrested a day later and charged with manslaughter.
A spokesperson for the family says, "This detention was one of the most grueling events of his life."
Hapgood is expected to return to Anguilla court in August.