Family of Bridgeport man fatally shot remembers his legacy

Friends and family of a Bridgeport man who was fatally shot in broad daylight came together Saturday to celebrate his legacy.
They say 57-year-old Phil Ingram was a beloved member of the community who had a heart of gold and was deeply devoted to his family.
Gunfire broke out on Kossuth Street shortly after 9 a.m. Friday. Police say the shooting resulted from a dispute between Ingram and a male suspect.
"He was a great father, a great brother, a great person," said Ingram's brother Ken Garnett. "I mean, he had a lot of friends in Stamford, in Bridgeport, all over. I mean, the family is really grieving right now. We just don't know what to do."
Police say Ingram had called 911 shortly before the gunfire broke out.
The family says it's not clear what the dispute was about between Ingram and the man who killed him. But Garnett says his brother was a peaceful man who never went looking for trouble.
Police say they have a suspect in mind and hope to make an arrest soon.