'Like a crater left after a comet.' Daughter mourns Bridgeport woman killed in multicar crash

The family of a Bridgeport senior killed in a multicar crash on Friday is remembering her today as "the ultimate grandmother" who was endlessly devoted to her family.
When 74-year-old Gladys Andrade came to the U.S. from Ecuador half a century ago, she and her husband were in search of the American dream.
The couple's daughter, Erika Andrade-Bucci, says her parents would go on to find that dream - eventually having three children and owning just as many jewelry stores.
The house they bought on Linen Avenue in the Hollow would remain their home for a lifetime.
"And our neighbors will tell you, she's always the first one to greet them with a smile, a laugh, a hug if they need it," said Andrade-Bucci.
Police say a Nissan traveling west rear-ended her mom's Honda around 6:30 p.m. Friday, causing a multicar crash right in front of their home.
"Our next-door neighbor came running out and thank goodness that he did because he prevented anyone from fleeing the scene from what I understand," said Andrade-Bucci.
She says her mother, who had seven grandchildren, was the "ultimate grandmother," and her sudden passing has left a massive void in their lives.
"It's like a crater left after a comet," said Andrade-Bucci. "That's what will be left from her impact."
The family says services are set for Saturday at Cody-White Funeral Home in Milford.