Fed, state and local authorities investigate arsenal

Federal and state authorities have joined an investigation to uncover information about a stash of weapons found inside a Stamford apartment. The investigation began last week when 19-year-old Devon Modugno and 18-year-old David Castelblanco were arrested after allegedly firing guns at a trashcan in Scalzi Park. After raiding Modugno?s apartment, police found violent video games and a drawing depicting a person hiding under a table with a bomb about to detonate. The drawings were sent to the FBI to be analyzed. Police want to know what was going on inside the minds of the teens. Others in the community say they are concerned something dangerous or deadly could have happened.Modugno's mother, Agnes, 54, was also arrested. She was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment when police learned the .45-caliber gun found in with her son was licensed in her name and not in her possession. Meanwhile, state police are analyzing the weapons found inside the apartment to see if they are linked to any crimes.