Fire officials: Commercial fireworks are illegal in Connecticut; use caution on July 4

As the holiday weekend approaches, fire officials want residents to be aware of the risks of lighting fireworks or sparklers at home. They also say that commercial fireworks are illegal in Connecticut.
Firefighters at Westport's Fire Department are preparing for what could be a busy weekend for them if people aren't safe this Fourth of July.
Crews responded to a fire on the barge deck used to launch fireworks on Thursday during the celebration in Westport.
“We were lucky the people handling the fireworks set it up in a way that should have been safe and not have any problems. We did have an incident and were just looking into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” said Jonathan Piper, inspector at the Fire Marshall's office. 
News 12’s Shosh Bedrosian spoke with fire officials about the Fourth of July dangers.