Flooding lingers as storm soaks western Connecticut

Flooding remained a concern Friday following high tide as a storm soaked western Connecticut.
The wet weather packed a punch, causing flooding, road closures and accidents across western Connecticut.
News 12's Sean McCabe was out in Stratford, where leftover floodwater could be seen by the seawall on Beach Drive. Neighbors told News 12 that water was knee-deep at the height of the storm and that it extended all the way to the nearby intersection. A few streets away, Oak Bluff Drive was still completely underwater this afternoon near Long Beach Park.
Over in Bridgeport, there was flooding in areas such as the corner of Chopsey Hill and Lakeside Drive. Officials advised drivers to err on the side of caution if they had any question whether vehicles could make it down water-logged roadways, emphasizing the saying "turn around, don't drown."