Flowers fill Bristol Police Department as Connecticut mourns loss of slain officers

Residents in Bristol and from throughout Connecticut came together Friday night to remember Sgt. Dustin Demonte and Officer Alex Hamzy, the two officers killed in an apparent ambush Wednesday night.
Bristol residents say they are devastated over this tragedy that's rocked their community. Some say they're in disbelief these officers were apparently targeted by the two men involved in the incident.
The tragedy is opening the conversation up about the role officers play in the community and why residents believe it's so important to support them.
"He's so young, he has a wife, he has parents, he has siblings, I mean a life. To go do your job, he's just doing his job. He just gets gunned down doing his job," said one woman.
Another resident said Demonte got his brother's bike back after it was stolen from him: "I just want to thank him for that."
Hundreds of people lined the street outside Bristol Police Department to pay their respects as the body of Officer Hamzy passed through as it was being transported from the medical examiner's office to a funeral home.
A five-minute pause and moment of silence for him turned into a moment of appreciation.
"They save lives, they protect people, they make Bristol safe," said a Bristol resident.
Funeral arrangements for both officers have not been announced yet, but it's expected that departments from across the state will be attending.
Meanwhile, Tunnel to Towers announced it will pay off the mortgage on Demonte's home. He leaves behind his pregnant wife, Laura, and their two young children.