Food truck workers sweat it out in the heat

There are some of us that can't seem to avoid the heat, like food truck workers.
"It’s hot as heck. Probably about 120 in here right now," said Mike Bertanza with the Tasty Yolk.
The Tasty Yolk is baking in the sun along Southport Beach. The Tasty Yolk is always cooking up great egg sandwiches.
"We used to keep a thermometer in here, but we don't do that anymore because it’s just better not to know," said Bertanza.
While others are trying to beat the heat, these guys have to feel the sizzle in all three of their food trucks.
"Just drink a lot of water, and we send messages out to the guys just to remind them because it’s easy to forget," said Bertanza.
Going through a case of eggs a day and about a hundred sandwiches, it's hard to take a break when the customers keep on coming.
"We just jump off the truck any chance we get. The sweat comes on quickly," said Bertanza.
Not many people would even volunteer to work in a hot, dark-colored truck this time of year.
"This is what we all signed up for. It's just another day you know," said Bertanza.