Fundraiser held for family who lost belongings in fire

A wave of generosity is sweeping through New Milford after fire gutted a home without power Monday morning.
Melissa Alford held a fundraiser for Patty and John Shaw. The Shaws’ house went up in flames early Monday morning after they were using a wood stove for heat.

Alford helps hoarders sell off their castoffs at a warehouse she rented on Kent Road in New Milford. The building’s owner will soon tear it down, but Alford said that she wanted her last sale to benefit a good cause.  When the Shaws’ house went up in flames, she found one.

“They lost everything and as soon as I heard that, I thought about my warehouse where I have everything,” she says.

Patty Shaw went to the warehouse to replace Christmas items lost in the fire, not knowing money was being raised for her family.
But even after the fire, Shaw is focused on her neighbors who also lost power.
“I can't be there to help them right now, but if I can please make them a priority that's what I really, really want out of this,” she says.