Gas-deprived tenants hope for good holiday meal

? Some tenants living in a New York City Housing Authority building fear they won?t have gas to cook a decent meal this Thanksgiving.
Residents at 1145 University Ave. say they?ve been cooking food off tiny hot plates since the gas stopped working more than a month ago. With the holidays fast approaching, many say they?ll be forced to skimp on what is typically a bright spot of the year.
?I can?t cook turkey on this,? says resident Maggie Frazier, pointing to her hot plate. ?No pies, no macaroni and cheese for my kids, can?t do [anything].?
Tenants say management hasn?t done anything to get gas back into the building. They also say a broken pipe is to blame.
Some tenants are being offered help in the way of extra food stamps. However, working families that don?t normally qualify for food stamps say the gesture doesn?t really give them anything extra.
Representatives of the housing authority say Con Ed has performed its necessary work, and plumbers are working to fix the pipes. They say if all goes well, gas should be back on within the week.