Golden Sachs: Nearly 750,000 households could face eviction unless Congress acts

Krispy Kreme is attempting to free itself from debt just a few months after making its public debut. The doughnut chain has been in debt since it began buying out franchisees over the last three years. During that period, Krispy Kreme spent over $460 million to acquire 24 franchisees and nearly 500 locations all over the world.
A new report from Goldman Sachs estimates that nearly 750,000 households could face eviction later this year unless Congress acts. The report says mass evictions will take place unless Congress passes an eviction moratorium or more funds are distributed to the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program.
The NFL says it supports a vaccine mandate for players following COVID outbreaks among some teams. According to the league, 93% of players are vaccinated and 68 people tested positive between Aug. 1 and Aug. 21.