Google agrees to pay $700 million to CT and other states in anti-trust lawsuit settlement 

Attorney General William Tong announced a major development on a nationwide big tech lawsuit on Tuesday.
He says Google has agreed to pay $700 million to states and consumers to settle an anti-trust litigation.
"2024 is going to be the year of big tech for attorney generals. We're going to see a lot of action in the space. New investigation, new cases and we hope either trials or big resolutions to protect you here in Connecticut," said Attorney General William Tong.
This comes after the Justice Department; the state of Connecticut and dozens of other states accused the company of abusing its power to go after smaller competitors and restrict consumer choice.
According to the settlement, about $630 million will go to a fund to benefit more than 100 million consumers.
Another $70 million will go to the states involved in the lawsuit.