Gov. Lamont visits Staples High School as students discuss use of $20K federal grant

Gov. Ned Lamont today visited Staples High School in Westport to discuss how students will spend a $20,000 federal grant as part of the Voice4Change program.
A new state program puts $1.5 million in ARP/ESSER funding into students' hands to decide how best to use it in their schools.
Staples High School is one of dozens of schools receiving a $20,000 grant and how to spend it is up to students.
The state Department of Education is letting students choose how to spend a total of $1.5 million in federal funding as part of the first-time program.
Student leaders say the project will educate and engage students in the process of getting things done.
State leaders say students on the ground perspective will make sure the funds are spent wisely.
Students already pitched a range of ideas that look to the future, ranging from the deployment of therapy dogs in schools, to free tampon dispensers in the women's bathrooms.
Students are set to vote on which proposals will be enacted in March.