'Grand Theft Auto IV' races onto store shelves

The much-hyped and eagerly anticipated "Grand Theft Auto IV" arrived on Bronx store shelves Tuesday, drawing renewed criticism from some.
Children and adults alike lined up at retailers to pay $59.99 each for the latest installment in the Rockstar Games franchise, which can be played on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.
The video game ? set in fictional Liberty City, which appears to be heavily based on New York City ? features graphic violence, sex and death scenes. It's rated M for mature audiences and can't be legally purchased by anyone under 17.
However, the Parents Television Council believes it will still reach younger audiences who may take the game to heart and try to act on the simulated violence in real life. Mayor Michael Bloomberg also voiced concern over "Grand Theft Auto IV," saying he doesn't support games that reward players for killing cops.
Supporters have said the game is no more graphic than many movies and add that parents must take responsibility for their children's actions.
Analysts believe the game will be the most lucrative launch in entertainment history.