Great pumpkin toss returns to Westport Farmers Market

The Great Pumpkin Toss returned to the Westport Farmers Market.
The annual event took take place Thursday at the Westport Farmers Market at 50 Imperial Ave. 
Local waste management company Action Waste Solutions says that each year 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins are wasted across the U.S.
The event is aimed at reducing waste by turning the pumpkins into usable compost.
Action Waste Solutions is accepting pumpkins and gourds in their natural state.
Rotted pumpkins are welcome, but decorated or painted pumpkins cannot be composted.
Participants will be able to toss their unwanted pumpkins into a bin or just drop them off and go.
Action Waste Solutions says in addition to creating compost, the pumpkins will serve as food for cows at Ox Hollow Farm in Woodbury.
The Westport Farmers Market says at last year's event they collected 1 ton of pumpkin waste.
They're hoping to beat that this year.