Greater Bridgeport Transit adds new electric buses to its fleet

State and local officials gathered Monday to unveil the addition of new electric buses to the Greater Bridgeport Transit fleet.
General manager Doug Holcomb says the brand-new Proterra Catalysts are the first two battery electric buses in Connecticut.
"These are the first in what we expect to be a swift and steady conversion of the state's fleet to cleaner propulsion systems," says Holcomb.
State officials say the buses will make it about 150 miles on a 3 1/2-hour charge. They say the plan is to add new and more efficient vehicles into the Greater Bridgeport Transit fleet.
The price tag on the new buses is about $935,000 each. Officials say 80% of that was covered by federal grants.
"I love it," says Gov. Ned Lamont. "We're going from Greater Bridgeport Transit to Greener Bridgeport Transit."
The state also plans to expand the electric bus initiative to Hartford and New Haven.
Greater Bridgeport Transit officials say they've budgeted for three more electric buses next year.