Greenwich Hospital doctors see uptick in COVID-19 cases in people under 65 amid variant spread

Doctors at Greenwich Hospital say they're seeing more people under age 65 being admitted for COVID-19, and that it could be from different COVID-19 variants that are more contagious.
Health officials say it’s the race against the variants and they're trying to get younger people who are now eligible for the shot vaccinated as soon as possible.
Bridgeport Hospital admitted 12 people with COVID-19 Tuesday night, bringing their case total to 53 - which has increased heavily in the last two days.
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Dr. Zane Saul says two-thirds of patients are middle-aged, many without any underlying conditions, and one as young as 17 years old.
Bridgeport Hospital says some its patients who were admitted have already gotten their first dose of the vaccine, and that it’s important to remember that the first dose only 60-70% protective.
Doctors say whether you're vaccinated or not, social distancing and wearing your mask will prevent the spread of these variants.