Greenwich man charged with taking photos up woman’s skirt on Metro-North train

A 66-year-old Greenwich man was charged with taking pictures up a woman's skirt while on a Metro-North train, New York officials say.
Majid Hedayati, 66, of Riverside, Connecticut, was arraigned for taking photographs underneath the skirt of an unsuspecting female passenger while traveling on the Metro-North Railroad, the Westchester County District's office announced.
Hedayati was charged on Oct. 19, in Harrison Town Court with unlawful surveillance, a felony offense.
According to court documents, Hedayati was traveling Sept. 23 on the Metro-North Railroad from Grand Central Station to Stamford when he sat down across from a woman wearing a skirt and used his cellphone to take photos underneath the woman’s skirt attempting to capture images of her genital area.
The victim’s friend, who was sitting directly next to the defendant, allegedly observed Hedayati taking the photos, confronted him and reported him to a conductor.
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police detained Hedayati at Grand Central Station on Oct. 13 following an investigation.
Hedayati is scheduled to appear again in Harrison Town Court on Dec 14.