Greenwich neighborhood flooded by Ida's remnants continues cleanup efforts

Greenwich residents in the area of Pemberwick Park are still cleaning up nearly a week after Ida left many basements and some first floors in the neighborhood destroyed.
Residents on Cross Street say about two hours after the rain started last Wednesday, the flooding came hard and fast.
They say the street looked like a river and people were stuck inside their cars.
They say some of the damage could have been avoided if the town made sure nearby drains and retention ponds were working properly.
"Pemberwick Park was literally becoming a lake. They have a drain that the town is supposed to clear regularly," Carl Griffasi says.
He adds that the neighborhood is mostly comprised of working families who just can't afford this kind of hit.
"I have flood insurance. Not everybody here has flood insurance. So, some of these people are left holding the bag," he says.
"When the insurance adjusters come to these people and tell them they have no coverage, that their basement isn't covered and only their boiler, it's not right. We need help here," Andrew Peppis says.
In the aftermath of Ida, Gov. Ned Lamont declared a state of emergency.
Some residents say federal aid money is the only chance they have to get back to normal.