Greenwich teachers protest outside Board of Education over curriculum

Greenwich teachers protested outside of a Board of Education meeting Thursday night, saying they've been under attack by a community group due to the curriculum.
Teachers marched from Greenwich High School to Greenwich Middle School over alleged harassment by parents. They say it's been an ongoing issue since last April, when parents and people started attacking them over the curriculum, posting about it online and allegedly harassed them over email and phone calls.
The president of the Greenwich teaching association voiced her frustrations during the meeting, and a teacher tells News 12 the harassment is becoming a safety concern.
The district tells News 12 in a statement, "Our GPS teachers, administrators, and staff deserve to work in an environment where they feel safe and supported. Teaching during the pandemic has been incredibly challenging.
Some behaviors by adults that have been witnessed goes against every norm we utilize with our students: shouting at others, attacking individuals on social media, and a general lack of civility. We do not want to see one more teacher leave our district because they feel unsafe or unsupported.
CEA partnering with GEA to call for civility, kindness, and respectful dialogue can only be positive. We are grateful for the majority of our families and community members who let our staff know they are appreciated and valued."